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2001 2002 2003 Toyota RAV4 ECM / ECU Repair Service Item On Sale!!! Very Low Priced!!!

2001 2002 2003 Toyota RAV4 ECM / ECU Repair Service

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Warranty: 24 months

Ships until: 1 business day*

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* Business days that will approximately pass before this item can be dispatched.

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Do you own a 2001, 2002 or 2003 automatic Toyota RAV4? Having transmission (gear box) shifting problems? Erratic problems? Power loss? Is transmission slipping? Read on. In 99% of the cases, it is a faulty ECM (a.k.a ECU). It is been informed that around 235,500 RAV4 models in the USA might be affected with this issue about the ECM. That is; 77,100 units from 2001 models, 87,600 units from 2002 models and 70,800 units from 2003 models. That's almost 1/4 million units! Did I say USA models? Well, yes, the almost 1/4 million units are USA models. There is a countless number of the same 2001-2003 units affected in other Countries that are not included in the 235,500 units. Do not doubt that your vehicle's ECM is among them!

Note: This problem is affecting some 2001-2003 Toyota Picnic 2.0L and 2001-2003 Avensis Verso 2.0L models too.

There is no doubt that your Toyota RAV4 is a very reliable and dependable vehicle, but this issue that is showing up in 2001, 2002 and 2003 models with automatic transmission is a real problem. The good news is that it has a cure and it is available right now. We are offering the service of repairing your RAV4 ECM and getting rid of all those annoying problems for good before it damages your transmission!

Does any of the following describe your situation?

  • Looks like a hard to troubleshoot issue because it is there sometimes, but not always?
  • Have it been a nightmare ever since the problem showed up for the first time, because after trying different things that possibly fixed the problem, it suddenly shows up again after working fine for one or two days?
  • No matter what your mechanic does, seems like the problem is there to stay forever?
  • Have your transmission been replaced and still having the same issue?
  • Even worse, have your ECM been replaced and worked ok for some months and looks like the problem is showing up again?
Is your RAV4 having any one or more of these symptoms?:
  • Erratic Shifting
  • Transmission slips any gear, but mostly from second to third gear.
  • Starting in 3rd gear and shifting erratically or not shifting
  • Hesitation when engaging in any of the gears
  • Rattling noise coming from the front area when parked or neutral, with the engine running
  • The feeling of applying the brakes by it self in some occasions
  • False solenoid codes P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758 and/or P1760
  • The codes above not always show (DTC codes). Sometimes it fails with no codes at all or no check engine light
  • Engages hard in reverse with a "thump" or takes time to engage
  • Symptoms are intermittent. Sometimes symptoms show only when warm or when cold and sometimes symptoms don't show at all
  • One day it runs OK and all the symptoms magically disappear and the next day all or some of those symptoms are back
  • In many cases, low fuel economy or gas mileage

If yes, then you need our repair service right away!

Bring us your ECM and you will drive a new-again Toyota RAV4 after we service it. This service is for either, 4x4 (AWD - All Wheel Drive) or 4x2 (FWD - Front Wheel Drive) vehicles, equipped with automatic transmission. The problem will go away for good and you will immediately feel the difference!

Please note that this is a service for repairing your current ECM. This is not a listing for a replacement ECM. If you need a refurbished replacement ECM, please contact us as we may have it too.

***Worldwide customers are all welcome, but please, if you are sending your ECM to us from outside of the USA, check an IMPORTANT notice below in red, about shipping services for International orders.***

More Information:

The ECMs of these RAV4 models are failing with time, and as a result of this failure, the transmission starts slipping (mostly from second to third gear) and showing other shifting problems, like starting in third gear instead of first gear, making it sluggish when it is accelerated. RPMs go up and the vehicle barely starts to move. This is among many other symptoms.

If this situation is not solved on time, the transmission will suffer an internal failure, making the problem worse and a lot more expensive to fix. Like if it wasn't enough, owners even have reported having minor accidents because of the malfunction of the vehicle while having this issue. Citing the words of one of our customers before we serviced his ECM, "lately, this is been kind of a dangerous car...".

This issue will only be solved by either (1) replacing the ECM computer by a new one (good, but very expensive), or (2) by sending us your current ECM for repairing it (better and not expensive). A reprogramming job alone will NOT, I repeat, will NOT solve the problem, as suggested by many dealers.

If you decide to replace your ECM, a new ECM will cost from $800 to $1300. If you get an used ECM, it will be prone to fail for the same issues, unless PROPERLY repaired and if it has the immobilizer security system enabled, it must be programmed first, before you can use it in your car. Otherwise, the engine will not start.

The best choice is our professional service. We PROPERLY repair and reprogram your actual RAV4 ECM computer. When we ship it back to you, it will be ready to be installed and used right away ("plug and play"). No programming will be needed and no trips to the dealer. We do a high quality job and take preventive measures to avoid this from happening ever again.

Take action now! Don't allow the transmission to fail by driving your RAV4 while having these problems. A transmission repair job may cost you from $3000, up to $5000!!!

NOTE: There is a RAV4 recall issued by Toyota. They extended their warranty for this specific issue and only for vehicles sold and currently in USA. This in addition, will only cover original owners, having proof of ownership. It is called a warranty enhancement. The extension was made to 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. If your RAV4 is over 150,000 miles or if you wish to take care of this right now, we will gladly help and repair your rav4ecm for you. If you are still eligible for the enhanced warranty, Toyota is refunding customers that invested in repairing their vehicles by their own, but again, it depends on eligibility. Just ask your dealer.

IMPORTANT: Worldwide orders are happily accepted, but please, if you are sending us your ECM from outside of the United States, we highly recommend to use FedEx, UPS or DHL services. We DO NOT recommend using any other service on this specific case. Otherwise, Customs brokerage fees of $200 may apply and must be collected (charged to the customer) before the ECM is returned. Once again, FedEx, UPS or DHL will NOT generate this extra charge as they have their own Customs brokers.

Examples of RAV4 ECM units that are having these problems are listed below, but there are several more, so don't hesitate on asking us or acquiring the service if you don't see your ECM's number in the list below. Simple rule, if it is an Automatic, 2001, 2002 or 2003 Toyota RAV4 or 2002-2003 Toyota Picnic, either 4x2 or 4x4, then it is one of the affected models, either if it is for the 1AZ-FE engine or the 1AZ-FSE engine.







































2001 2002 2003 Toyota RAV4 ecm / ecu / tcm computer repair

Where is my ECU / ECM located in my RAV4?

Location of the 2001 2002 2003 Toyota RAV4 ecu ecm tcm computer

Location of the 2001 2002 2003 Toyota RAV4 ecu ecm tcm computer second view

Toyota RAV4 ECM repair FAQ

What do you do? Do you reprogram or repair the ECM?

Both. We repair the circuit of the ECM and then reprogram the ECM. A reprogramming alone will not fix the transmission problem. The reprogramming is done to the transmission adaptation tables, which are located in a memory chip in the ECM's circuit. The repair process includes replacing any damaged electronic part and reconditioning of the circuit, to avoid this from happening ever again.

May I have a copy of the bulleting distributed by Toyota about this?

Sure! Below you may download the official Toyota bulleting issued for this:


and below, is the warranty extension bulletin issued to the service managers and warranty administrators:

2001-2003 Toyota RAV4 Warranty Enhancement

Is it hard to remove the ECM from the vehicle? Is it a mechanic needed for the job?

Not really. It is a matter of removing several bolts. For doing so, a short Phillips screwdriver and 10mm socket head wrench will be needed. Other than that, you will need to disengage the glove compartment (easy) and disconnect the 4 plastic connectors attached to the ECM, by simply pushing a clip on each connector and pulling it out.

However, because of the small area where it is installed, it might be somewhat difficult to handle and remove from its place. If you are doing it yourself, take extreme caution not to cut yourself with any sharp edges around the area.

My ECM is not on the list shown. May I send it to you?

If it is from a 2001, 2002 or 2003 Toyota RAV4 with automatic transmission, either 4x2 or 4x4, yes, we will fix it. There are more ECM types affected than the ones listed on our page.

We have serviced units with the same problem, coming from North America, Canada, Australia, Africa, South and Central America, Europe and Asia and the Caribbean. All units serviced are for the 1AZ-FE engine, but some units serviced are for the 1AZ-FSE stratified direct injection engines.

Will my RAV4 pass the smog test (emissions test) when doing inspection of my RAV4 if I get this service?

Short answer, YES. Long answer, if it passed the emission tests before the problem showed up, it will then pass the test after the service. This service will not alter in any way the engine's combustion parameters, mixtures, performance or factory specifications at all. We have received reports of the vehicle performing better than before, but it is because of the transmission shifting properly now. It is the other way, if the ECM issue caused somehow to not pass the test, then after repaired it will pass without a problem.

What are the engine specifications of these RAV4 you are servicing their ECMs

Engine is 4 cylinder, 2.0L, either the 1AZ-FE or 1AZ-FSE Toyota engines.

Do I need to program or do anything else that require a trip to the dealer in order to use my repaired ECM?

No, not at all. Your ECM will be "plug and play" after you receive it back. That means that you just reinstall it in your RAV4 and it will be ready to use. No programming, no trips to the dealer and no towing your RAV4 to the mechanic will be needed at all. You will start enjoying your new-again RAV4 as soon as the ECM is serviced and reinstalled.

People tell me that these ECMs will lock once serviced and will need to go to the dealer so they can fix that. Is it true?

Short answer, NOT with us. Detailed answer, Yes, it might happen if the ECM has the immobilizer system enabled and the technician does not do the job properly or does not know how to handle it or the programming (other shop).

We always prepare our customers' ECMs so they are ready to start the engine as usual when installed and can be used right away. If your ECM has the immobilizer system enabled, it is not a problem for us. We will know just by reading the memory of the ECM and will program it accordingly so it works with your keys and only with your keys.

You charge an amount for the job, plus shipping. How does shipping work?

The shipping fee we charge is for covering the return shipment. That fee will pay the shipping service used when we return the repaired ECM to you.

I have more than one ECM. Do you offer combined shipping or any other discount?

Yes, we will ship up to 2 ECMs in the same box for the shipping charge of one, if shipped Internationally (outside of the USA). If shipped in the USA, we will ship up to 3 ECMs in the same box for the shipping charge of one. About the job charge, if you send 2 ECMs at the same time to be repaired, we will take off 20% ($50.00 out of $250.00) to the second ECM, if it is not in special price offer and the 2 ECMs are sent together.

What warranty do you offer and what does it cover?

We include a one year warranty. It covers the repair job itself. In the rarest occasion that your ECM fails with the same symptoms (have not happened yet), we will take care of it and if it is the same problem we worked on, we will solve it at no cost. We will even cover shipping charges.

"The same problem" in the above statement means that the circuit has the same part or parts damaged again and it was not an external cause. "External cause" is defined as a short circuit in the vehicle's circuitry, or if the ECM was used in the wrong car model, or if the ECM fell into the water or any other liquid, or if the ECM fell down from a considerable distance to a hard surface, where "considerable" in the previous statement means "enough to harm the circuit", or if the ECM was smashed, or any other case beyond our control and responsibility with this service.

How much time will this service take?

We generally take only one business day. On high workload days, we might take up to 2 business days. The rest of the time it will take, will be shipping transit time, which will generally be 2 to 5 business days if mailed inside the United States, US Territories and US Protectorates, and 6 to 10 business days if shipped to international destinations (outside USA) via FedEx.

How does this service work? Do you send an ECM after I pay?

No. Right after you order the service, we will be awaiting for your ECM to arrive, so it can be repaired, reprogrammed and tested and then shipped back to you. Payment can be done either before or after the repair is performed, but always before shipping it back to you. That said, you may even send your ECM before acquiring or paying the service, so some time is gained.

Is the ECM the same as ECU?

Yes, it refers to the same automotive part. ECM stands for Engine Control Module and ECU stands for Engine Control Unit, but refers to the same device.

If the ECU is "Engine Control Unit", why should I send it if the problem is not with the engine, but with the transmission?

In the case of the automatic 2001-2003 Toyota RAV4 models, the ECM controls both, the engine and the transmission. In other automatic car models and brands, there are two separated units, one for each part. The engine unit would be the ECM or ECU and the transmission unit would be the TCM or TCU.

Do you offer this service to XXX country?

Yes, we repair RAV4 ECMs from all around the world. All Countries are welcome.

How should I pack my ECM when shipping it to you?

Just send it in a small box, wrapped with some paper, plastic wrap or any packing material of your choice (newspaper is fine). The construction of this ECM is pretty tough and withstand moderate impacts. So far, all incoming ECUs have arrived OK, even those that came packed in a plain bag.

My RAV4 has the immobilizer system. Can you still service my ECM?

Sure! You will have no problems with the immobilizer or with starting the engine with your keys (transponder keys). It will be ready to use as soon as you receive it.

I depend a lot of my RAV4. What could happen if I keep using it like that?

Using your RAV4 with this issue may cause the transmission to have an internal failure and then, the ECM and the transmission will both need service. There are occasions, where the failure in the ECM makes the transmission to start in third gear, instead of first gear. In that moment, you will feel your RAV4 like if it is very heavy, hard to start moving from zero (at launch) and the RPMs go up and still it is slow moving. It is in that moment when the clutches and other parts inside the transmission start to burn and fail.

If you have ever ride a multi-speed bicycle, let's say 15 speeds, it would be like starting from zero in around 13th speed. The bicycle have no clutches, but you will feel the burning in your muscles in no time.

Is it really the ECM and not the transmission? It slips and jolts and feels like the transmission is really broken!

Yes. Remember that the ECM controls your RAV4's automatic transmission electronically, by doing the shifting through solenoids. These solenoids are electromechanical parts that are incorporated in the transmission body and do the physical shifting (mechanical movement) by receiving electrical pulses sent from the ECM. When the ECM is failing, it sends erratic pulses to those solenoids and make it so annoying that makes us feel that the problem is the transmission, but it is not.

However, in the unfortunate event that the transmission has been abused by been forced with this ECM failure, you will have a combination of both, the ECM and the transmission damaged. If your transmission is damaged, then your ECM is damaged. Remember that before the transmission suffers any internal failure, all begins with a faulty ECM and not instead.

Is there a chance that the transmission could be damaged besides the ECM?

Yes. Please see the answer of the prior question above. Our experience is that in a 98% of the cases, it is only the ECM. It is very important that once the ECM failure is present, you stop using your RAV4 and either replace or repair the ECM.
Customer Reviews:
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john quintana

"I send my rav 4 computer to Richard because I was having problems with the transmition and he fix it and mail it back to me and my rav is working perfect now , he did a good job and quick , I deffenetly recomend him to fix your computer."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Alan Waggoner

"My daughters 2001Rav4 was not changing gears correctly.the transmission was hanging up between gears and staying in 3rd gear. I found the Other Deal online and set my ECM off to Richard. he promptly returned it to me, repaired, I installed it, and the car works flawlessly. Thanks Richard for super job I am very satisfied. Alan"

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Nicholas Deem

"I was very scared when I found out this company was located outside the U.S.A. and certainly did my home work, even on a Sunday evening sitting on my sail sail boat, sent an email to the company the owner instantly reassured me they were legit and had great confidence in repairing my ECU, I recieved my ECU, in perfect condition packaged nicely, reistalled and cannot believe how the car returned to it's original condition if not even smoother shifts than new, Richard was amazing and the work first class, I now show everyone with RAV4 issues this site and will be the first to use in the future....Nicholas"

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Jonathan Hartmann

"My local Toyota dealer was not honest with me about the ECM being the culprit..even after I told him of the obvious clue..a slipping 2-3 upshift. Otherdeal fixed my unit, got it back fast, and the car runs perfectly...Richard saved the day."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Jean Eyhartz

"Je suis français et Toyota France n'a pas réussi à trouver une solution à mon problème de boîte automatique. Grace à Internet, j'ai pu prendre contact avec OtherDeal qui a réparé mon ECU en moins d'une semaine (temps de transport compris, bravo aussi à Fedex) et ma voiture fonctionne correctement. Je voudrais remercier Mr Richard Rodriguez pour sa compétence, et sa gentillesse : pour me faciliter les choses il n'a pas hésité à me communiquer son numéro de compte Fedex et à prendre en charge même mon expédition que je lui ai remboursé par la suite. J'écris en français car je pense ne pas être le seul à avoir eu cette panne et que ce message pourrait être utile à d'autres propriétaires de Rav4. Merci encore Richard."

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Robert franco

"WOW! I was not sure if this would work, but decided to try it since the price seemed reasonable. Richard was awesome and did an amazing job! I got my ECU back installed it in minutes and it is like a NEW car. Just to give some history, my Rav4 started to shift weird and then it started to get sluggish. I thought for sure it was the trans, but after surfing the web I found these guys and I am SUPER HAPPY I did! What a difference and the turn around time was very fast! Thank you again for all your help!! I recommend this and will continue to recommend this service to everyone I know with a Rav4!!"

Rating: 5  of  5  Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 37 reviews)